Collaborative for Digital Engagement and Experience
at The Five Colleges of Ohio

CODEX is an Ohio Five digital scholarship initiative. The CODEX project embraces a holistic approach to cultivating critical engagement with digital technologies as both a mode of knowledge production and the subject of inquiry itself.

Student Opportunities

Engage liberal arts undergraduate students across disciplines in experiential learning that foregrounds digital technologies as both the mode of knowledge production as well as the subject of analytical and interpretive inquiry.

Curriculum Development

Establish structural programs, such as pedagogy institutes, digital humanities labs, and faculty fellowships that address the need among faculty for time and space to develop, test, and implement new digital pedagogies with colleagues in a consortial environment.

Information Hub

Create a repository of information, toolkits, and models that serves as both a reference to practitioners and a guide to faculty or staff responsible for assessing digital research or digital pedagogies, a crucial gap on several of our campuses.