The CODEX Summer Institute is a five-day intensive institute during which teams of teaching faculty, instructional technologists, librarians, and students come together to collaborate on designing or redesigning courses or co-curricular projects that engage critically with technology as a method of analysis or as the subject of inquiry itself.

Teams spend the week collaborating in periods of uninterrupted team time, supplemented by workshops organized around the needs of the cohort and discussion forums focused on topics selected by the participants themselves. Mentors from within the Ohio Five and from other institutions serve as expert consultants and workshop leaders to help the teams work through their project-specific questions and issues.

The outcome for each team is a curricular package containing clear learning objectives for their course or project, a draft syllabus (if applicable), prototypes for the selected digital project or platform, a work plan including the next steps the team will need to take to continue developing the project following the institute, and a collection of resources discovered or developed during the institute.

For those interested in attending the 2021 institute, view the full 2021 CODEX Summer Institute Call for Proposals for details and proposal guidelines. The deadline for proposals is February 28, 2021.

More information about the projects teams from the 2020 cohort is available on the 2020 CODEX Summer Institute page.